Experiencing an Emergency?

 During Business Hours

During open clinic hours, there will be an emergency fee of $100 if the daily appointment schedule is interrupted and other visits need to be rescheduled to see to an emergency situation. This is in addition the the call fee for your area, the exam, and any treatment charges.

We will strive to see any and all sick pets during operating hours – so call us immediately! If we can fit you into our daily schedule, there won’t be any additional emergency fee for us to come to you.

 After Business Hours

Due to the mobile nature and size of our veterinary clinic, we will be referring after-hour emergencies or any patient ill enough to be needing extensive surgery or 24 hr care to:

Veterinary Emergency Center
Get Directions | Phone: 860-693-6992

This is a wonderful 24 hr emergency care facility that will be able to address your animal’s emergency needs, and then you can follow up that care with us once discharged.