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Mezcal USA is honored to have built a bridge to the heart of Mexico’s treasured and storied history of Mezcal distilling. We proudly bring to the USA only the best, most loved spirits distilled from agave and traditionally produced throughout Mexico for generations.

Mezcal USA se honra de haber construido un puente hacia el corazón de la valiosa historia de la destilación de mezcal en México.Con orgullo traemos sólo los mejores y más apreciados destilados de agave, producidos tradicionalmente a lo largo de todo México por generaciones.

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It all started on a trip to Mexico…

We are firm believers that a spirit is more than a drink. It’s an experience. And Mezcal, the finest of all. Along with a taste of Mezcal comes a story; it’s path through the hands of distillers that have handed down a recipe for generations. Distillers high in the mountains of Jalisco, Oaxaca, and all around Mexico. We’re here to finish that path and bring it to your glass.

Our path to Mezcal started on a trip to Mexico, when we were brought to the home of a distiller and invited to taste his Mezcal while overlooking the land that grew the agave. It was then that founder Ferrill Hicks decided to bring this experience to the USA. Since then, he has traveled Mexico with a thirst for finding only the best Mezcals there are to offer. This search has brought Ferrill to the highest mountains in Mexico, travelling by pack mule and even by foot at times, to reach the remote locations of distillers that have yet to be discovered. Each and every distiller that Mezcal USA carries is first tasted and approved by Ferrill, often on a visit to Mexico much like the one described.

Mezcal USA’s goal is to support the people of Mexico – the small family businesses that have passed recipes and techniques down for generations. We want to support the preservation of the agave plant and the people who grow it. When you use Mezcal USA as a distributor for Mexican spirits, you’re bringing truly unique, special hand crafted spirits to your customers.