On-Site Consultation

For over 35 years VMC, Inc. has been providing its premier on-site consulting service. It is a life and practice changing process.

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Two Day On-Site Consultation Service

For over 35 years VMC, Inc. has been providing it’s premier on-site consulting service.  We have consulted with over 2,000 practices both nationally and internationally.  Our consulting services start off with an initial phone call to discuss our offerings and determine the practice’s needs and how we might best be of service to you. On-site consultations consist of three components, they are:

  1. A preliminary financial review and analysis of your practice
  2. The actual two day on-site visit by a consultant or consultants
  3. Followed by a one-year open line consultation service

When you choose our services you will receive an engagement letter, detailing the services we will be providing to you. We will then send you a list of information we will need prior to the consultation in order to obtain some background on your practice and better understand your concerns. As an example, we will request:

  • Financial information from the past two years
  • A list of perceived problems
  • One, three, and five year goals from the practice owners
  • Your fee schedule
  • Your employee manual
  • Several other documents

Our financial analyst will prepare a detailed financial analysis comparing your practice to industry norms. A great deal of work is done prior to the consultation including team questionnaires, demographic studies and even mystery phone shopping to evaluate the practice and its customer service.

The two-day on site visit starts off with a breakfast meeting to get some more background on the practice and understand the owners perceived problems and goals.  We then start the operational audit. This is an intensive review of your practice and its management activities. We will evaluate your practice from top to bottom, looking at everything you do and how you do it. This audit will include interviews with the doctors and team, evaluation of all business processes, i.e. inventory control, internal controls, accounting and bookkeeping, just to mention a few. At the conclusion the consultant will develop a customized business and implementation plan for your practice.

The key to our and your success is the one-year open line consultation service that immediately follows the on-site visit. For an entire year we will work with you and your practice on the implementation of the business plan. This is accomplished by constant contact with the practice, we also request and receive monthly financial information and you will receive a management report that compares our projections to your practices actual results. We have also developed “mission possible” programs that will help you and your team with implementation.

Bottom line: by the end of the year we will have accomplished your business plan and more times than not exceeded it. It is a life and practice changing process that will help you to take your practice to the level of success you desire.