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Join us for our nationally acclaimed seminars that put your clinic on the road to success.

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Join us for our nationally acclaimed seminars that put your clinic on the road to success. Whether you need to learn the fundamentals of managing a veterinary practice or you’re ready to take your veterinary team to the next level, we have an array of in-depth seminars to meet your continuing education needs. Take advantage of the expertise of our highly experienced consultants, and accrue continuing education (CE) credits while you gain a resilient business model for a tough economy.

Our seminars are engaging, enlightening, and inspiring. We offer eye-opening exercises and knowledge for real-world solutions to help your staff navigate challenging client situations. Your team will discover pathways to more rewarding collaboration, renewed motivation, and greater productivity. Learn how to improve customer service and communication, build teamwork, and create a memorable client experience that strengthens your clinic’s reputation.

Let us help your practice by guiding your support staff to reach their potential and your managers to become better, more knowledgeable leaders. Make this the year that your practice gets the help it needs to not only meet but exceed your clients’ expectations.

We offer four awesome seminars for you to choose from!

It’s What’s Up Front That Counts!

This one day action filled seminar takes a look at your practice from your clients point of view.

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Financial Boot Camp

Attend our powerful two-day training seminar to boost the financial health of your practice.

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Human Resources Boot Camp

Developing a top-quality team can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Here is your opportunity to make it cost-effective.

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The VMC School of Veterinary Practice Management

We utilize specific systems, procedures, techniques, and technology that are successfully used in thousands of practices around the globe.

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