Thirteen Useful Applications for Veterinary Practice Managers

With so much on your plate, do you ever wish there was an app for that? Here are 13 apps designed to make managing your business easier and more effective:

Todoist helps you keep tasks and projects organized. Remember deadlines, due dates and recurring due dates like “every Monday”. Review the day or week ahead and check tasks off as you go. Map out your projects and goals step by step with project sections and sub-tasks. Highlight what’s important with color-coded priority levels. Delegate tasks to people in your shared projects. Measure your progress and review your completed tasks in each project to see what you’ve accomplished. You can also link Todoist with other apps you already use and make it your central, organized hub for getting things done. Integrations include Dropbox, Zapier, Amazon Alexa, Slack, Workflow, Google Assistant, Toggl, Time Doctor, and dozens more. You can also integrate it with Outlook to add email as tasks. (Credit:

Dropbox is a file storage, access and sharing software designed to keep your files secure and accessible. The free Dropbox mobile app helps you keep projects moving from anywhere, so you can stay focused on what matters. Access work, collaborate with co-workers, and quickly take care of tasks from your computer, phone or tablet. (Credit:

BambooHR can be used to manage HR tasks such as tracking applicants, onboarding, tracking time-off, and implementing regular and relevant performance reviews. You can organize employee data from healthcare info to home addresses in a single, centralize and secure database. And E-signatures save time, money and the hassle of distributing and collecting signed paperwork. (Credit:

Zenefits lets you handle benefits, payroll and HR in a single workflow, reducing overhead and increasing employee efficiency. Enter information once and it is populated across all the tools, even alerting you to potential compliance landmines. Person to person advisory services are available for more complex questions in addition to a large resource library. (Credit:


An all-in-one HR management software. Flock offer letters and onboarding tasks and standardize your onboarding experience. Increase employee engagement with broadcasted messages, polls, and anniversary and birthday announcements. Manage employee benefits with enrollment, updates, coverage reviews, and changes due to life events. Integrate your payroll by syncing it to the HR platform. Other features include tracking time-off, tasks, compliance and generating reports. (Credit:

Employee Manager by TicTapTech seeks to make keeping employee records fast and simple. Keep track of both positive and negative employee incidents, track employee goals, keep documentation at your fingertips, log employee meetings, see employee history, and store employee contact information. (Credit:

Google sites provides an intranet site template, allowing you to replace content with your own. It includes a documents library and resources section to organize your important business documents that need to be accessible to the entire team. You can run Q&A sessions with your company by utilizing the discussions page. If you have something to say to the entire team you can simply post it on the announcements page. You can keep your entire company at your fingertips with the directory section and keep your team on schedule with the calendar page. (Credit:

Bitrix24 gives provides a unified platform for files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts. Through the Activity Stream, everyone in your team can keep track of tasks and effectively work together to progress on the project. Its main solutions include social network, tasks and projects, CRM, document management, file sharing, calendar and planning, sales team management, email, telephone, and HR management. It also has a mobile solution that works on smartphones or tablets (Android, iPhone, or iPad). Users can start with a free plan with all the essential tools and features: up to 12 users, online storage, and collaboration tools. The cloud-hosted premium plans are scalable to be accessed on any device. (Credit: (

LastPass touts their application as the best way to manage passwords. Remember just one master password and LastPass remembers the rest. You install a browser extension for saving and accessing passwords, create one long, secure master password and let LastPass do the rest. They also provide tips for making a strong password. Your LastPass vault lets you add, view and manage what you save. It incorporates encryption algorithms with encryption and decryption at the device level. Data stored in your vault is kept secret even from LastPass. Your master password and encryption keys are never sent to servers. Two-factor authentication adds extra security. (Credit:

Veriato is an employee monitoring software, capable of tracking application usage, documents, file transfers, network activity, online searches, website visits, email/webmail/chat/IM, Logins and session activities, and keystrokes. You can get alerts, create reports, and review detailed employee activity. (Credit:

MyMedSchedule Plus is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that gives patients and caregivers access to their medication schedules anywhere they go. MyMedSchedule Plus is simple and easy to use and offers the features you need to manage your medications, take them as directed, track your progress, and share information with your care team. Automatically schedules medication reminders, allows for separate profiles for each family member, and includes easy to follow instructions for medications. (Credit:

Evernote is a single place for your notes, ideas, lists and reminders. Plan, keep records, and manage projects from any device – even offline. You can collaborate with your team to manage projects, deadlines and meetings. (Credit:

Qless is an appointment scheduling and queue management system. Boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction rates with appointment scheduling and virtual check-in lets your customers schedule an appointment or join a virtual queue via mobile phone, website or on-site kiosk. Status updates and bidirectional communication via test or voice message allows the business to share updates and receive customer feedback. (Credit:

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